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audrey mcqueen (NETWORK)

name: audrey sharpe-mcqueen
codename: network
age & dob: 35 & may 10
hometown: shreveport, lousianna
location: ???
occupation: regiment agent
martial status: divorced
recruitment date:

A refugee to the Regiment program, Audrey turned herself in after suffering a concussion in a car wreck that sent her powers spiraling out of control. Before her life as a government agent she had grifted her way through life using her abilities; absorbing the knowledge of and manipulating the minds others. Time has tempered Network's manipulative ways and a stable environment has eliminated the need to ravage the brains of others to her advantage. Her self-control and dedication to training and therapy has proven admirable, but the dangerous impulses will always remain. As a sedentary agent she's amiable content, if a little snarky, but in the field she's becomes a terrifyingly effective force for surveillance and intel extraction.

POWERS hive mind, telepathy, thought extraction

calvin blackwell (STRIDER)
name: calvin blackwell
codename: strider
age & dob: 40 & july 22
hometown: boulder, colorado
location: ???
occupation: regiment agent
martial status: single
recruitment date: august 10, 2016

Formerly a high-profile Civil Rights attorney, Calvin avoided detection during a legal career that spanned more than a decade. He publicly outed himself during a Senate hearing at which suspicions of the Regiment had been proposed. He presented a woman who claimed to have escaped during transport, and when the hearing was stormed by law enforcement and anti-Evo protesters, Calvin used his psychokinesis to buy his client time to escape. His transfer into the Regiment was a dangerous gambit, but the Director in Texas figured that if he knew they existed already, why not show him what was really going on?

POWERS astral projection, teleportation, psychokinesis


enakshi d'souza (PYRE)

name: enakshi d'souza
codename: pyre
age & dob: 33 & nov 13
hometown: sacramento, california
location: ???
occupation: regiment agent
martial status: married
recruitment date: nov 28, 2011

An unlikely egalitarian, the former heiress to the D'Souza crime family was outed as a super when a kidnapping attempt in 2011 went sideways. Her explosive objections to being abducted drew the attention of local police and though she tried to blame the flames on her kidnappers, all it took was a blood test to undo the shifting suspicions. Now she's a recipient of the charity work and activism she performed on behalf of Evos. After an exceptionally rough start in Florida, Pyre has become the go-to agent for infiltrating crime rings populated by Evos, and the Regiment has let the underworld believe that Enakshi is still at liberty in order to use her family name to smooth certain sting operations. In exchange for keeping up the ruse, her younger sister receives preferential treatment at her youth facility.

POWERS pyrokinesis, fragokinesis, chrímatakinesis, aurokinesis


john marcel doe (DIERISE)

name: john marcel doe
codename: dierise
age & dob: ??? & ???
location: ???
occupation: regiment agent
martial status: unknown
recruitment date: day one

John Doe has been with the Regiment since it's inception. A perplexing study in the odd effects of powers, John has (Or so he claims) a practically non-existent grasp on his early life due to a constant cycle of cloning and reanimation. His healing works more efficiently on organic matter not his own, so his survival relies on his ability to sense deadly circumstances coming, and create a clone of himself quickly enough to outrun it. Or, if he has the time, reanimate himself at a later date- preferably not in a state from which the length of time to heal from would be impractical. Despite the hands-on nature of his job, John is a laissez-faire sort of person when it comes to the world at large. He has an unfortunate penchant for needling and teasing his handlers and teammates.

POWERS cloning, reanimation, death sense, healing

landon rhodes (ELLISON)

name: landon rhodes
codename: ellison
age & dob: 45 & january 3
hometown: peoria, illinois
location: ???
occupation: regiment agent
martial status: divorced
recruitment date: day one

POWERS invisibility, intangibility, umbrakinesis, photokinesis

marigold martin (SNOW WHITE)

name: marigold martin
codename: snow white
age & dob: 32 & august 29th, 1986
hometown: : brooklyn, new york
location: ???
occupation: regiment agent
martial status: widowed
recruitment date: may 19th, 2007

Originally one of the Evo Incarceration System's most infamous attempted jailbreakers, Marigold Martin was transformed (or leveraged, depending on your perspectve) into one of the most vlauable reconnaisance agents within the Regiment. Her unsettlingly normal and perceptive personality, apparently unaltered by the loss of her mission partner and husband, has been a subject of intense scrutiny and mild fear. It was her cooperation and success with an FBI collaboration that poured the foundations for Operation Shoplift. Considered too valuable an asset to leave under the Regiment's increasingly chaotic and unstable command, she was the first agent selected for the program.

POWERS hyalokinesis, hyalokinetic invisibility, frigiokinesis, haemokinesis

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