The oldest* and proudest race of Caelora. They arrived millenia ago when, according to their lore, the gods pulled back the veil that separated the Feywilds from the mortal realm to allow the elves to tame and cultivate the world. This blessing came at a cost as the elves exchanged their dominance over Caelora and its magic for their immortality. The ongoing conflict against Ostwill have seen the elven population reduced by a quarter over the centuries since human arrival on the continent. This has lead to fears that without a continuing period of peace or a future total victory over humans their kingdom could face collapse.

Elves are tall, graceful, and agile. Their delicate builds should never be mistaken for weakness. Elves age much slower than any other race with a broad lifespan of 300-450 years. They reach maturity at 100.

*Though dwarves claim the same they make less of a fuss about it.

In compairison to elves humans are a much younger civilization dating back only 3,000 years. Their origin is shrouded in mystery as even the elves aren't entirely sure where they came from. All they know is that they weren't there one day and the next, they were. Human lore claims they fell from the sky, sent to Caelora by the goddess Helst. Elves and humans originally enjoyed a propserous, peaceful relationship. However as their numbers surpassed the elves', who reproduced at a much less rapid rate, tensions over borders and resources began to rise. Since their first skirmish the kingdoms of men and elves have warred perpetually throughout history, with the current era of peace being the longest stretch in modern memory.

Humans are hearty and resilient but short-lived compared to the other races of Caelora. The average human lifespan is 80-120 years. They reach maturity at 20.

Myths of the Goliath's origins suggest they were related to the elves: The first Goliath is said to have been born when an elf maiden laid beneath the tree of a Teru-- the wild, mischevious gods of the forest -- and the spirit fell in love with her. The two were wed beneath the branches and from the tree emerged the first Goliath.

They honor their origins by maintaining good relations with the elves; a decision that can put them in an awkward position with their human neighbors to the South. Neutrality has been difficult to maintain and more than once the Goliaths have faced pressure from within and without to choose a side in the battles for Caelora. They have always held fast, sighting a duty to the forest and mountains that the elves and humans would thank them for if they understood the importance.

Goliaths are a hearty race, taller than any other on Caelora, built with strong, solid limbs, broad shoulders, and unrivaled physical strength. The average height of a Goliath is 213cm (7'). Goliaths are another long-lived race, with an average lifespan of 250 years. They reach maturity at 80.

half-elves & goliaths
Since love and lust are blind and frequently dismissive of closed-minded parents, half-elves and goliaths are not uncommon in Caelora. Unfortunately also not uncommon is the stigma that can surround them.

Half-elves bear the worst of prejudices. Halfling children are considered pitiable and unresponsible for their parents' poor choices, but as they age that sympathy turns to suspicion. Treatment of half-elves becomes even more precarious in times of war when their allegiances are deemed equally unreliable by elves and humans. Laws and propoganda spread during the current peaceful period by the ruling family of Ostwill have gone a ways towards altering public perception within the human kingdom, but the results are far from perfect. Elves have likewise made steps, though change has proved slower. Average lifespan is 150-300 years, favoring the lifespan of maternal parent's origin.

Half-goliaths who are too tall to pass for human are readily accepted within human society, though those who live further from Ostwill and The Esterwildes' shared borders tend to treat them as curious, amusing anecdotes of unusual romances. This casually inappropriate behavior can become very exhausting very quickly for many. A half-goliath's lifespan can vary from 80-250 years, usually favoring the lifespan of the fraternal parent's origin.

Half-elf/goliath children are a rare occurrence. There is a high miscarrage rate amongst elf-goliath pregnancies, so most couples choose to adopt a child from one race or the other. Those few who do make it into the world are regarded highly within goliath societies and believed to be particularly blessed by the Teru. Elves do not place the same distinction on half-goliath children, nor do they treat them with hostility as they might a half-human child. Their lifespan is 200-400 years.