What is CLAIMANTS? Claimants is an original fantasy game set in the world of Caelora. What kinds of technology and weaponry exist? In keeping with high fantasy, the level of technology aligns with the middle ages, with the current strech of peace seeing Caelora on the cusp of a Rennaisance-esque jump. Blades and spells are still the weapons of the time. Black powder exists, developed by the dwarves for their mining and only newly finding its way out of the mountains. It's all good and dangerous in theory, but even in the hands of the most sophisticated (Or insane) aggressor has proven to be no match for a well-trained magic user on the battlefield. What are Classes and how many can I choose for my character? Taking from sources like D&D and Dragon Age, classes are a mixture of archetypes, skills, and professions. We created a basic classes, then went insane for a bit and took it a step further with subclasses with the hopes there would be something fun and appealing for everyone.
These are set up in a way that a character can only realistically exist in one class at a time, with the exception of Adepts. Magic users crop up across all classes, but those who diversify into other professions tend to be less powerful than those who devote their lives fully to their gift. With that in mind no character should belong to more than two classes, one of them Adept. If you're contemplating a Pirate Bard Hermit Knight, you might want to consider breaking your concept into multiple characters. Multiple characters, you say? How many can I play? We're capping it at 3 per player to start. As the game progresses, we'll revisit the limit. We encourage players with multiple characters to maintain a degree of variety between them in terms of class. Can I play a dwarf/mermaid/other fantasy race? While these other races exist we are only offering the three races tied to the central conflicts of Caelora's mainland. Concerning those mentioned in the info pages: Dwarves stick to their mountains and the merfolk have their own oceanic issues to worry about. This may change in the future with the game's development. What are the activity requirements? How do journals and communication work in Caelora? Enchanted journals were created in the last war to act as a form of instant communication, with entries accessible to both parties in a closed conversation. This had both advantages and disadvantages. Journals have come to be considered more secure, but letters can and still are sent via avian carriers (Ravens, pidgeons, etc). Do you have a map? We are currently working on a map! We currently have a rough one with landmarks that will be posted closer to first adds. Suggestions for map generators would be appreciated as we're not too satisfied with what we've found so far and are looking for alternatives. My question isn't answered here. Contact us via our dropbox! We'll always be expanding and improving the FAQ. Your input will help us with that!